Friday, 28 January 2011

Walking In My New Boots!

So, having decided that I needed new boots, with some trepidation I had a look round on the Internet for reasonably local places that sell walking boots. This is one purchase that I would have to do by trying them on in a shop!

Our nearest outdoor shop is Milletts in Enfield Town. Having looked at the various boots on their website, I phoned to see if they had what I wanted and they couldn't have been more helpful. They did have the boots I liked the look of and they were quite happy to put by a pair of size 6 and 7 for when I managed to get to the shop, as I wasn't sure what size I would need. I left work a little early last Friday to get down to the shop ...... and here they are!!

Now ..... what you have to realise is that my feet and new footwear do not get on! In the resulting battle, my feet always lose out! The damage? Blisters! Always!!

Once again it was going to be very important not to go too far away from home, but this time, just in case my feet hurt so badly that I couldn't go on. So, we almost did the same walk as last week but in reverse!

The Lea Valley Park is a great place for spotting wildlife and there is always lots of different birds to see.
Although the weather was still rather cold, in walking past a spot we walked past last week, dare I tentatively say that we saw possibly the first sign that Spring is on the way ....... catkins delicately dangling from the trees alongside the canal.

A welcome sight indeed!

So, how did my feet fare? Well, surprisingly, the boots were amazlingly comfortable! We covered a distance of 13.1 miles in 4 hours and 1 minute (oh the precision of John's SatNav!) and averaged a speed of 3.4mph. When we got home, I actually thought my feet had escaped blister-free ...... but closer examination found just one small blister on the side of one foot, but I could only just see it! Amazing!


Rachael said...

Smart boots Elaine. I need new walking boots abut keep putting of buying them as I really dislike buying footwear. I have very narrow size 7 feet and it's always tricky getting the length of a shoe or boot without them swamping my feet widthways. My current walking boots I was forced to buy in a hurry about ten years ago when we went to the IOW for a holiday....I forgot my knickers (!) and my walking boots!They have been excellent boots but now I find I can feel every stone underfoot...not good.
You made good time on your walk...You must be getting fit.

Elaine said...

LOL .... forgetting your boots I can understand, but your knickers!!! :)

I HATE new footwear with a passion! And yes, I know women are supposed to like new shoes, but I don't!

I have the problem of wide feet .... so shoes that feel comfortable often look like they should be worn by your granny!

I put off getting new walking boots but now I'm glad I got these from Milletts. I guess the only thing to do is to try a few different makes to see which ones suit you. Milletts certainly have a lot of different ones and they were very helpful.

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