Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Photography - A New Year Resolution?

Although I frequently use John's camera to take photos, he always has his camera set on 'raw' so I have left it to him to process these raw images into something I can use on my blog.

This hasn't 'sat' well with me, so I asked him to buy me a camera as my Christmas present for 2010. It's a Canon PowerShot S95 and I've been using it over the last few days to take photos. Today, I have been learning how to process the 'raw' images ...... with lots of advice from John. When the original photos are in 'raw', you can adjust so much more regarding the exposure etc that I followed John's advice and set the camera in this way.

I'm really pleased with the photos the camera takes. The photo above is of Minstrel. He can be very difficult to take photos of as usually he doesn't like cameras and shoots off! He was sitting on the top of the cat activity centre, so I just snapped away quickly before he decided to disappear. Black and white cats can be a challenge, but the 'tweaking' I could do in the software that came with the camera is really impressive.

Here's another one of him. OK ...... I chopped off a bit of one of his ears! But remember, I was expecting him to disappear at any moment! However, I love it when he sits like this. You can see he has the tuxedo colouring and I love this pose ...... I think he looks like Sylvester the cartoon cat.

And, of course, we can't forget Flossie :)

Both cats are really intrigued by the noise the camera makes when I turn it on. The battery firing up noise reminds them of a cat toy they used to have, so when I turn it on, so far they tend to then try to get as close to me as they possibly can to investigate what I've got!

Makes taking photos of them a challenge!!


joy said...

yes, I always find it difficult photographing my cat, she always wants to get closer to see what I'm up to. well done, lovely pics.

Elaine said...

Thank you Joy.
Funnily enough .... the photos of Minstrel look much darker on my PC at work than they do on my laptop. Getting things so they are OK on blogs and websites is more trickier than it appears!

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